Damian Pelphrey

Based at Company 3 Los Angeles. Available virtually through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Damian Pelphrey has colored numerous spots for a variety of clients as well as an eclectic mix of short films, including “Premium Harmony,” “Artifact,” and “Please, Alfonso” from prominent writer/director Jake Hoffman. In addition to his film work, he also colored cinematics for the popular game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 through Company 3 Games.

A native of Southern California, Pelphrey worked his way up to the level of colorist from an entry level position in Company 3’s vault. He came to that job after several years in a  field outside the post industry after a friend described color grading to him as “Photoshop on crack.” He quickly moved his way up to an assisting role for highly-regarded colorists, including Siggy Ferstl and company founder Stefan Sonnenfeld before becoming a colorist in his own right.