Senior Colorist

Private: Jeremy Sawyer

Based at Company 3 Santa Monica. Available virtually through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Jeremy Sawyer joined Company 3 in 2018 following a successful run at Light Iron where he brought his refined sensibility and deeply-entrenched understanding of the TV post workflow The Walking Dead (AMC) and The Affair (Showtime), The First (Hulu) and many others. Previously, he colored a large number of commercials and series at Hollywood’s MTI. Prior to that, he worked here at Company 3 under the tutelage of CEO/Founder Stefan Sonnenfeld, which helped him significantly expand his aesthetic approach to grading and to master complex workflows. Sawyer’s career began at Hollywood-based Syndicate and at Finish post in his native Boston, where he colored a variety of projects, primarily commercials.

A lover of darkroom and photographic printing work, he brought his sense of visual inspiration to the study of Architecture at Montana State University. Sawyer throws himself into every project he works on, joining as early as possible – designing LUTs and perfecting workflows — through to final, loving, polish of every episode he colors.