Congrats to our Clients on Their Emmy Awards!

September 18, 2017 Sep. 18, 2017

With the breadth of exceptional television programming produced today, the stiff competition makes taking home the distinguished prize all the more sweet. Across our post production companies at Deluxe, we couldn’t be prouder of our clients recognized with awards this year, including these, in key categories.

Congrats to Director Reed Morano (“The Handmaid’s Tale”); DPs Colin Watkinson (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), Donald A. Morgan (“The Ranch”) and Fred Elmes (“The Night Of”); and Director Miles Jay of Smuggler (“Calling” for Squarespace via John X Hannes) on their top Emmy honors. We’re also thrilled to see “The Handmaid’s Tale” recognized as Outstanding Drama Series.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” was colored by Bill Ferwerda at Deluxe Toronto, where dailies were also completed; “The Ranch” was colored by Randy Beveridge at Deluxe’s Level 3; and “The Night Of” was colored by Rob Sciaratta and Stefan Sonnenfeld at Deluxe’s Encore/Company 3/Method in New York, which also handled conform and the show’s opening titles.